In Pursuit of something better

Recently I was able to pick up a new kayak (having been sold as of late), and she’s been my favorite so far. The company Nucanoe is based out of Washington state, they outsouce the production of their kayaks to a smaller American company that has been in business for a few decades now. The company is all the same one that makes Yeti coolers, using the same materials and process. The kayak isn’t much heavier than it’s competitors, and features a great number of options, and some features that the others don’t. The most obvious is the flat deck, or the “open cockpit” as some might refer to it. She also comes with two cooler slots fore, and aft, as well as being able to boast the widest hull of a paddle craft thus far. She’s plenty stable for one to stick a cooler in, stand on top and pole around like a tiny skiff. Some of the other features include a built in set of rod storage tubes on both sides to protect your gear. The seat is might comfortable, even when I wasn’t paddling her around for hours at a time, I often had the chair out sitting in it’s high level position, the chair is actually the most comfortable one I’ve ever sat in. She tracks easily, and quickly, being slightly faster than other yaks in her range. She comes complete with a stern to make mounting a trolling motor easy, or a micro poll for quick anchor deployment options. She is deadly quiet in the water as well, having zero hull slap, and barely so much as a ripple when under ore. If you’re in the market, and you have a chance to test paddle one, do not pass it up. pursuit


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