Coming to a fork in the road.

I’ve been out of touch with my local fishing community as of late, I’ve struggled with the normal day-to-day operation of life over the last few years. Sometimes it seem that I’m torn between two of the things I love the most, my family, and fishing. I’m still trying to find a way to pursue both without leaving the other behind, it’s happening slowly though, my children are getting old enough now to enjoy doing that same things and myself, fishing, being on the water.

I feel like I’ve been preparing this grand entrance back into the fishing world, and finally have people give notice. I have a problem with the grandiose, I grew up reading epic tales of man vs fish such as the Old Man and the Sea. That epic battle impacted me, more than anything else of the allure of those salt water monsters. Ultimately, it does not matter who gives me notice of anything. I’m doing this for myself, and it’s time to step back into that water, get back in that boat, and go get some fish. More to come, the season has barely even begun.


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